Just for fun, some Slocan River Streamkeepers have written a couple songs

“Roll On Slocan River” 

Credit to Woodie Guthrie’s “Roll On, Columbia Roll on” (and sung to the tune of)
Green Douglas firs where the waters cut through. Down her wild mountains and canyons she flew. Canada Northwest to the oceans so blue.  Roll on Columbia, roll on
 Roll on Columbia Roll on Roll on Columbia Roll on, Your power is turning our darkness to dawn. So roll on, Columbia, roll on?
Canada’s gift to Columbia flows free, dam less and wild – an anomaly.
Slocan by name where valley folk see their own Slocan River roll on
Now image with me – I go back in earth’s mind to a long distant past and a very cold clime. Instead of a river – Glaciers frozen in time, waters waiting a chance to flow free
Now the Glaciers are melting, the valley has warmed, Humans moved in and made it their home. Clear mountains, rich forests, lush gardens, clean air while through them the river flows on
Flow on Slocan River flow on, Flow on Slocan River Flow on. Will high mountain glaciers melt slowly to ponds? For now, Slocan river flows on
Sustain is a word that the valley folk say they use it with pride, saying “it is our way”
Sustain means uphold – support what you know, but change is the norm in an ecoscenario
Change is for real – just take a look around. Have you noticed the weather?
Is your head in the ground? The river is life – its change you can see
There’s a new force at work now…. came with you & me
Roll on Slocan River Roll on, Roll on Slocan River roll on
You’ve given your water so life can be strong. But, what have we given to you?
You can snorkel the river with mask and some fins. Get hold of a tube and proceed to jump in – just remember your waste when you’re starting to swim
 Cause…. garbage in time goes back to the soil but what about rip/rap, clear cuts and car oil? These things can’t be “sustained”, which means we won’t “maintain” Slocan river’s life waters that flow.
Roll on Slocan River Roll on, Roll on Slocan River roll on. You’ve taken our waste, you’ve taken it well, but surely its burden is starting to tell.
Here in the Slocan there’s a small group of friends who’ve studied the river from beginning to end. They’ve looked at the fish, water shoreline and bugs, made maps from air photos with a struggle and hugs.
They then took their notepads and, without a boat, jumped into the river and began to float – they noted where life especially abounds and where waters were lifeless – no fish could be found.
That’s why I’m asking, directing to you. Seek out a Streamkeeper – ask a question or two
Something is wrong with our river and land. Please ask them, so then we will all understand.
Learn what their studies have found to be true. Then, lets talk about what, we all want to do. Conserve and restore, protect and help heal the river we all love so well.
We can do this because,
The people who live beside the Slocan are fierce in their love for the river and land
Outsiders are suspect, Governments banned. Simply put, this river is … in yours and my hands.
Roll on, Slocan River Roll on, Roll on, Slocan River Roll on. Once a degraded river, on its way to amends. So Roll on Slocan River, Roll on
Roll On Slocan River Roll on, Slocan River Roll on. We left you your power, so you can be strong Now, we’ll help you to keep flowing on.


“The Bug Song”

Now, when you go down to the swimming hole, do you ever think about the animals?
and the food they need to keep their bellies full, Well come, let me tell you what it is……
Deep in the river where the water flows, there are rocks and holes where the insects go
and the bugs make their home where the algae grows… and they scrape & eat all the day.
Moe: (They are called scrapers)
On the rocks there is lots of slime that algae lovers know as food sublime
it feeds all the bugs at dinnertime but something just doesn’t seem right……and I suggest you talk to sister mite….
mite says:  Up near the bend there’s a place we fear, and the fish say the humans call it
“intake weir” but for us its death to everything that we hold dear…. and the world that we all call home.
Now, behind that weir is penstock pipe where the water flows down and out of sight
And it doesn’t matter if you turn left or right, its into the hole you’ll go, but that is not our fear, oh no, It’s the water that disappears…..
You know the water that once was free, well the humans use it now to make ENERGY
And that’s fine, but sometimes, they take it all you see. And, when the water has lost its flows, then mosquitoes are all it grows
 Moe: (Mosquitoes are some of my best friends)
Now in this place that we call our home, you know those little pools where your brother roams And remember when, one day, he just didn’t come home, well it wasn’t that he didn’t want to try, No, its because the water path went dry…….and all the water life gave a sigh…
 Moe: And I wonder….do the humans ever wonder why?
Why?….why?…. why?…, Why, there, are, less bugs and bugs and fewer bugs and dry creeks can’t make newer bugs, And if the humans want to do without bugs , then they might find they’re living all alone……in a dry and very lonely home.
Jen says…Hey Moe, do you know……Over in that pool there lives a can, and the Mayflies tell me that he’s strictly banned, cause he made something humans call an “energy plan”
Well, that plan takes our water from the stream.. and turns it into something green
Moe: Algae? Food? No, its called “U.S. Dollars”
Maybe when that can begins to rust, it’ll see the need to consider us, and if not then the people shouldn’t give him trust   So… lets call to all the humans we can see…. Give us life, give us water, keep it free.
So, here we are where we first began. We’re sitting by the river on the rocks and sand
And we have a bigger thought on how life began So, lets sing it one more time:
Hit it….
Bugs and bugs and more bugs and let’s say we all adore bugs
And one day we’ll leave the earth for bugs, and the fish will do just fine
Bugs and bugs and more bugs and let’s say we all adore bugs
And one day we’ll leave the earth for bugs, and the fish will do just fine