Water Monitoring

Previously in the Slocan Valley, citizen water monitoring had been instigated and carried out in connection with the forestry concerns of the Slocan Valley Watershed Alliance.  In 2006, Valley residents were invited by Environment Canada to participate in a program initiated by that federal agency.  It’s called the Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN).

CABIN’s focus is on aquatic insects.  While CABIN becoming established in the Kootenays was the starting point for Streamkeepers’ water monitoring, the programs under our banner have since expanded to encompass water-chemistry,  temperature and microbiological monitoring, as well. In addition, we are working with local scientists to develop a biomonitoring assessment tool for West Kootenay Wetlands.

For most of our history, our focus has been on the main Slocan River.  Since the spill of aviation fuel in Lemon Creek in 2013, we’ve had a creek-monitoring project in that stream.  We also have an ongoing water monitoring project in Springer Creek.  Among our current interests are the changes due to warmer water temperatures, suggesting the need to include the bacteria testing that we now do.

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Columbia Basin Water Quality Monitoring Project (CBWQMP)

Columbia Basin Watershed Network (CBWN)

Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network (CABIN)