Wetland Restoration

The first Wetland Restoration Project in the Slocan Valley is completed.

Pics from the project at Crooked Horn Farm (the wetlands can be seen along the Slocan Valley Rail Trail, access: Filipoff Rd, 200m north toward Winlaw)…

Crooked Horn jr1

above photo: Joel Russ


The largest wetland is full. June 2017.


Violet-green swallows  nesting in the bird houses. May 2017

Wetland with Students

Students form Winlaw Elementary School planting native sedges, rushes, trees and shrubs at the wetlands. April 2017

Water is filling up the wetland and the bird nesting boxes are installed April 2017

CHF December 2016

The wetland area after the excavation December 2016.

CHF July 2015

The wetland area before the restoration project July 2015

CHF June 2015

The wetland area before the restoration project June 2015

all other photos: Gregoire Lamoureux


The Slocan River Streamkeepers would like to thank all the funders, supporters, land owners and volunteers for their support for this wetland restoration project.

Thanks to all our funders and supporters!



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