Slocan River Community Water Monitoring 2019-2020

Slocan River Community Water Monitoring 2019-2020


Download the full report: Slocan River Community Water Monitoring 2019-2020

Slocan River Community Water Monitoring 2019-2020 is a community-based monitoring program conducted by the Slocan River Streamkeepers. It is a continuation of a program that has been happening intermittently since the 1990’s. The program aims to monitor the effects of climate change and human activities on aquatic and floodplain ecosystems that provide habitat for many species and provide drinking sources and agricultural irrigation to local communities. Additionally, the project involves an environmental education program that aims to connect students to the rich and diverse web of life that contributes to a healthy watershed.

This report documents the ecological assessment and educational outreach program in the Slocan Valley for the 2019-2020 year. Previous assessments occurred between 2008 and 2013. Activities resumed in August 2019 and will continue into 2021. Four important issues threatening the integrity of the Slocan Valley watershed were chosen to be addressed:

1.      Effects of turbidity caused by stream bank erosion on water quality and aquatic species downstream of the landslide on Little Slocan River,

2.      Changes of water levels on community waters sources,

3.      The recovery of aquatic life in Lemon Creek.

4.      Rising water temperatures in Slocan River and its effect on aquatic ecosystems.

Thank you to our funders, Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), Slocan Integral Forestry Cooperative (SIFCo) and Columbia Basin Watershed Network (CBWN), for making this possible and for supporting us to do this important work.


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